Requesting Authorisation using a Text Message

The NEW 2017 CPDme Mobile App will be directly linked to your online CPDme account. This means that if you have subscriptions to:

Trauma Care CPD Videos


Health Care Videos

CPD Webinars

CPD Courses

By requesting a text authorisation code, you will automatically unlock features and facilities from within the app that will allow you to continue to enjoy these premium features on the move.


Requesting a text authorisation will also allow you upgraded features like:


Deleting Entries

Accessing Shared FREE CPD 

Accessing Shared CPD Discussions

Registering for FREE CPD Webinars

Creating a complete portfolio from your app


To use these features, you will need to ensure that your updated mobile number is within your CPDme Online Profile. Follow these easy steps:

1) Login to

2) Access your Personal Profile

3) Click Edit Profile

4) Update your Mobile Telephone Number

5) Scroll to the bottom and click save.

Thats it! You are all ready to get updated when the new app releases!


Please comment below and suggest some key features that you would like to see on our new website and app and we will give you the thumbs up if they will appear!

Thanks #TEAMCPDme


Andrew and the Team @CPDme




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