How do I complete a CPC Diary Entry

Taking part in virtually any activity such as reading a journal, attending a course or an informal discussion with colleagues can be documented using this simple form.

Here we will walk you through the form step by step. Your name and personal email should already be populated by our system. This form can be partially submitted and the edited again from within your Personal Profile page.


Step 1) CPC Hours

Enter the number of Continuing Professional Competence hours this activity is valued at. On rule one hour of study is equal to 1 CPC Point. For more information about hours vs points, please see the free available documentation at:

Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council PHECC Website

CPC Competance - BMC Medical Education


Step 2: Activity Arranged

This simple drop down box allows you to select in what capacity you took part in a learning event or activity. This helps create an accurate development report of your study time in your current role, attending as part of your role or self directed study time.


Step 3) Category of the Activity

This extensive activity list ensures that you have lots available options to describe what best describes your activity or learning event. This will also provide analytical data for you to ensure that your CPC is a mixture of learning events and not simply just taking part in one type of learning for example: attending a course repeatedly. There are over 40 options and we are always adding new activities on request from our users.


Step 4) Title of the Activity

This is simply the title that you would describe your learning event. An example of this being:

Reading and updating my current practice guidelines on drugs and airway management


Writing an essay on ethical and moral considerations in Paramedic Practice


Step 5) Start and End date


The ULPARACPC system will allow you to select both a start date and end date of an event. You don't always need to complete the second end date if your event took place over a single 24 hour period. If your event was a four day course, you can then select the end date for your readers reference. The system will also allow you to backdate your training and development which allows you to include events you have participated in from the past. This will also you then to include this within your new updated portfolio system. 


Step 6) This Activity has Benefited me Because?

Simply try and answer why or what promoted you to take part in this activity or event. There will be a pop down guide to prompt you when you click into this box with the following questions:

Why did you select this learning, event or study activity?
Describe the reason for taking part in this activity/event and why did you choose to participate at this time?

You as an individual
Did the CPC event / study identify any gaps in your current practice or knowledge?

The way you do your job / or study
What new information did you learn form this event or study, and will the information/skills gained, improve the way you carry out your role in the future, and why?

Your patients or colleagues
Will this directly impact the way you manage your patients and/or other members of staff or student colleagues?
What could follow from this CPC event / learning
What is your overall action plan following this event, activity or study?
Step 7) Website Address
Documenting a website address is a great way to substantiate your learning but also use it as a resource for the future. It may be that you did not get a certificate but was given a useful website for further reading. Here you can document a web address that you can access within your personal profile. Remember its simple to copy and paste from your web browser using the right click which will capture the http:// section. You don't need to complete this section if you have no website address relating to this event.
Step 8) Uploading Supporting Evidence
Here you can attach and upload evidence like a certificate, powerpoint, essays and work based bulletins and updates to help substantiate your learning. This evidence will then appear in your complete portfolio when you request this from your personal profile.
You can attach unto 8 pieces of evidence to each entry and then delete or amend them from within your personal profile as required. We recommend that you keep your uploads below 2MB to help with the upload speeds (Maximum upload size 10MB per file).
Step 9) Submit
Once you have completed all the text you require you document and uploaded any evidence, simply oversee that the entry does not contain anything that would violate patient or colleague confidentiality by reading this statement and click submit.
You will receive a receipt with a printable PDF copy emailed directly to your email address to demonstrate that we have safely received your entry and its stored securely on our system.
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