How do I complete a CPC Reflective Practice Entry?

Reflective practice enables you as a professional or a student to apply your skills and knowledge in practical situations and combine your actions, learning and experience in a more effective way.

Reflective practice is the process of analysing a given scenario or situation and reaching conclusions how to then go on and improve your practice in similar incidents.

You can reflect on any experience important to you, your profession, your colleagues or a specific incident.

Reflective practice is personal to you with the ultimate goal being an improvement in practice.

This simple to use form on ULPARACPC will assist you to document individual reflective practice processes by highlighting a guide when you click on the reflective sections:

You don't need to complete the form all at once. You can submit the form and then edit at a later stage from within your personal profile. 

ULPARACPC utilises Gibbs Model of Reflection. Remember you have full access to a team of professionals if you have a specific question regarding reflective practice.

Just remember not to include anyones personal details and maintain a high level of patient confidentiality as in the statement above the submit button.

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