How do I cancel my recurring payment or direct debit payment?

You can log in anytime and access your personal profile where there is an option to cancel your recurring payments under Membership Details. This will not close your profile or cancel your membership but simply stop the payment being taken when your 12 months subscription is due.

We always give you notice that we are going to take a payment before its due, and cancelling your recurring payment means that after your paid 12 months, we would automatically close your profile after three months has lapsed and delete all your information. 

You will be sent an email explaining that we are going to close your profile if you do not renew within 3 months of your subscription expiring.

If you have a GoCardless direct debit, you will need to log into GoCardless with your username and password to cancel your direct debit. You should have been emailed these details when you first set up your recurring payment.

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