Clinical Skills Log Guide

Welcome to the Beta Version of the clinical skills log. This great new feature will allow you to accurately record your clinical skills in less than 1 min.

The form is dynamic which means that it will retain some information relating to your shift and then reset after 15 hours allowing you to start the next shift with a clean start.

Please take a look at the sections below that allows you to have a better understanding of what goes where.

Remember this Beta Version will pave the way to the New Skills Log integrated into CPDme and also into the NEW iPhone and Android Apps


Section 1 

This section will retain the information through the use of a cookie. The form will remember your details included in section 1.


Section 2

This section is detailed in regard to your shift. This may be 6 hours or 12 hours. This section will retain this information for 15 hours and then reset only retaining the information contained in Section 1.


Section 3

This section retains to the actual incident that you are documenting the skills for. This section must be changed for each separate set of skills that you document. This section is also dynamic which means that extra fields will appear when you select specific categories. To select multiple categories using a Mac or PC, select either CMD or CTRL.



Section 4

This is the skills section contains lots of various options. These can be selected in multiples by holding CTRL or CMD on your PC or MAC. You then have the option to select multiple entries.

You can then select one of the three following options.

Independent: Free from outside control; competent to carry out this skill unsupervised

Assisted: The skill was completed but with the assistance from a peer or mentor

Observed: The skill was observed by you but carried out by a competent practitioner 


Once you have completed the skills log and clicked SUBMIT. You will be emailed back a copy of the summary of your selection. 

The next phase is to create a control / management panel where you can manage a breakdown of your skills and also select a date period and summary of these in analytical format.

Please remember that this is a Beta Version and part of a an anonymised research project.

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