How do I add a mobile telephone number to my personal profile to benefit from the text message service provided by CPDme?

CPDme and CPDcloud allow users to add their Mobile Telephone number to benefit from services such as updates on:


Clinical / Operational Bulletins

CPD Opportunities

Development Courses Available

Essential Update Notices


Simply follow these 3 simple steps:

1) Log into the website and click on EDIT PROFILE



2) Click onto EDIT PROFILE to allow editorial access.

3) Edit the field named Telephone Number with your current mobile number.



To unsubscribe from mobile updates, please email and request that we remove you from the text update system. 

If you are part of a CPDcloud employment subscription, mobile updates may be part of your agreement, so please contact your employer before requesting un-subscription as we inform corporate customers of individuals who have opted out of this option.

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