How do I request my portfolio and use the new complete CPD Portfolio builder

Complete CPD Portfolio Builder


The new complete CPD Portfolio Builder has now been updated and made more secure and flexible. Once you have tried and tested this for the first time, you will see how easy it is. Simply follow these easy step by step instructions.


STEP 1 - Visit your Personal Profile. You can do this by clicking the highlighted link near your login box at the top right of the webpage. Then scroll down to the section that says:

Edit Diary and Reflective Entries or Edit & Print Portfolio

Here will be your secure link to allow you to access your submissions contained within your secure CPDme server. This gathers data from your:

Then select the Print my Portfolio option:

Then follow the screen prompts:


STEP 1 -  Enter the title of your portfolio: 

Please remember the word count as this will fall off the edge of the page. Your name, profession and registration number will be automatically entered from your profile (how do I edit my profile?)



STEP 2 - Select the date range of your CPD entries. This includes the CPD Diary & Reflective entries. You can select a specific period which may be useful if you have an interview or audit.


STEP 3 Tick (10) your selected entries to include or exclude from your complete portfolio, (11) attach evidence like certificates or (12) preview your individual submission before deciding if to include: This great new tool allows you to include or exclude specific entries, attach the evidence to your portfolio and preview the individual submissions before adding them to your complete portfolio. If your attached evidence was also an image, this will also now feature within your complete portfolio.

There will also be included a digital list of all your submitted evidence contained within a digital list to allow you to share this electronic portfolio. The recipient can then click and download any supporting evidence that you may have included which may include power-points or PDF's.



STEP 4 - ALL DONE: Now download and enjoy your professionally formatted CPD Portfolio.




PLEASE NOTE: Requesting more than 30 submissions within your Complete Portfolio will cause the system to delay compiling all your information. It may be suggested that you limit your range to between 12 months or 2 years. Selecting a larger range or more than 30 submissions will make your portfolio about 50mb which is a very large file!

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