Where can I see or request a complete copy of my CPD Portfolio entries?

First you need to be an active paid member using either the standard, HCPC or NMC levels of membership. The Basic level of membership only has access to the online version of your submissions to your CPD diary in your profile.

To create a complete copy of your portfolio and have this emailed to your account, follow these simple steps.

1) Log into the website and access the members section. Highlighted in the image below id the Print my Portfolio option. Click this link

2) Once you have clicked the Print my Portfolio option. You will be taken to a simple form that you need to complete. This form is the brain behind CPDme and will pull all the information from your previous submissions to the Diary & Reflections and collate these into a print ready copy.

Please be take note of the text limitations on this form as you will overtype and information will go over the edge. See this article

3) Your Portfolio will then be emailed to your registered email address. NOTE: if the portfolio is a large file, the system will email you and either attach the printable PDF or give you the option to download as in the image email below.

If you have any questions, please visit the knowledge base or contact the support team at CPDme.

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