Can I request that my online diary and online reflective practice portfolio reports are locked?

Yes you can request that your online diary and reflective reports are locked. Simply click here and provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password required

We will then lock your online reports and make a note in your personal profile. You can visit your profile and see your requested password.

However, please note that these reports are protected by HTTPS 128bit security as standard and no one can publicly access these reports unless you give them access.

Simply follow these instructions to access your report password within your profile.

1) Visit your Profile bu clicking View Profile


2) Scroll down your profile to the Additional Information section where our support team will note your current password.


3) Need to change or amend your password? simply use the form above but ensure you send the request from your registered email address.


Why would I need to lock my report?

To share with another individual with limited access

To prevent unwanted sharing / viewing of my secure links after ive shared them.

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