I have a PrePay / membership voucher, how do I use it?

Hi There. My Name is Martin. Please let me help you with your voucher.

The PrePay vouchers normally come like a credit card or printed voucher with a scratch-able section. just like a lottery scratch card.

Il go thru this with you in sections to make it easy for you to do while reading this help.

1) Scratch the scratch card and reveal the code underneath. 

2) Visit www.cpdme.com/join and select your required membership level to join. For more information, simply hover over the text in the boxes.

3) Complete all the application information until you reach the section requesting the payment. Close down the website at this stage and don't proceed with the payment.

4) CLICK HERE and tell us:

Your Name

Your Email ( same as you registered with CPDme.com

Your Unique Code or Scratch-card Number.

We will then authorise your account and you will received your welcome emails and membership certificate.

If you have any questions about CPDme and the functions. Please visit our support pages before contacting your supplier.

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