Can i have a FREE Trial period?

My Name is Sammy and I'm one of the Senior CPD Support Staff.

We don't currently have a free demo or trial of CPDme. However what we offer is a 14 day no quibble money back guarantee or you can try the FREE Basic Membership.

This means that within 14 days of you joining CPDme. If you are not completely satisfied that we will make building and maintaining your CPD Portfolio simple. Then we will give you your money back and close your account. Simply send us an email and request a refund.

This offer does not affect your rights and you can always come back later if you decide. Our support team refund less than 1% of our memberships as we are here to support our members around the clock.

With membership from only £9.99 per year, CPDme offers unbelievable value for our users.

If you are ready to join CLICK HERE or ask us some more questions HERE

CPDme Support Team

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