There is nothing in my portfolio?

My name is Martin and Im one of the team here at CPDme. 

Why is there nothing in your Portfolio? This could be because of a few reasons. The most common reason is that there may be an error with your email address or you may have changed email without letting us know.

You may also not have submitted any information to appear in your portfolio 

The idea behind CPDme is that you can submit development and learning quickly and easily using the Add to Diary and Add to Reflection options in your menu.

These will then do three things. 

1) Go to your online CPD Diary which you can view by logging in to your profile (under the login box)

2) Email you back a copy that you can use immediately or view how this looks

3) Store securely so that when you request a complete portfolio, all your submissions will appear in date order with a list of development.

This will make building and maintaining your CPD portfolio simple. If you have an iPhone, download the app and update your portfolio on the move.

If you need any help, please feel free to contact the support team.


CPD Support Team

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