Reflective Practice Guides - I need help with reflection


Reflective Practice - I Need help doing reflection


Reflective Practice isn't about going on courses to learn new things.
It is about learning from our experiences in a structured way -
to become effective reflective practitioners

The CPDme help page will help you learn by exploiting your own practice.
But before you get stuck in, let's consider what reflective
practice actually is.

Reflective practice implies that we learn by thinking about the
things that have happened to us and try to make sense of them
in order to take some kind of action for the future.

This forms the crux of the:
Experience - reflection - action cycle

When you hover over the reflective form, a pop up guide will help you complete each section of the form.




With a CPDme membership, you also have access to a Reflection Made Simple flip book resource that will help you
understand the Gibbs Model of reflection so that you can apply this to your future practice.


Some organisations have a disciplinary process called an "incident learning analysis". Our reflective tool

is a great way for you to deconstruct any incident and learn what could have gone better or indeed what went wrong.


Download a sample reflection and see how it will appear once you use the CPDme Website.

Our NEW APP also have a great Reflective tool that you can add on for only 69p. Click Here for details.


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