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What is CPD Evidence and Why do I need to vary my activities?

CPD is an important part of your lifelong learning and making it interesting is part of the fun around creating and maintaining a portfolio. Ensure that you participate in new learning activities which help you maintain interest, demonstrate to your employer and your governing body that you are able to vary your learning styles and vary your activities.

Examples of evidence that you can use.

It is important where possible to attach supporting evidence with your CPD diary submissions. This allows the reader to view all your CPD evidence attachments and helps substantiate just what you have written about in your diary. This does not always have to be a certificate, below is a list of supporting evidence that you can upload to CPDme or used as evidence that learning has taken place.

  • Producing information leaflets or case studies
  • Adapted user/student notes
  • Recent job applications
  • Essays
  • Course assignments
  • Testimonials and Thank You letters
  • Course certificates

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