Reflective Upgrade


 Reflective Practice Upgrade

What is Reflection? Reflective Learning isn't about going on courses to learn new things. Reflective Practice is about learning from our past experiences in a structured way to become good reflective practitioners. To understand reflective practice, you just need the right tools in the right place. Using the CPDme APP, you can be assured you have everything you need and a great guide, right in the palm of your hand.

The advantage to the Reflective BoltOn is that you can also add and change as you like and then submit when your ready. Simple, Easy Reflective Practice.

Before you buy the Reflective BoltOn, let's consider what reflective practice actually is.

  • In order to reflect, you need some experience to reflect on, an experience or event.
  • In theory you can reflect on any experience .
  • The process using Gibbs Model which is simple and easy to follow.


Add the CPDme Reflective Practice Made Easy for only 69p 


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