Examples of CPD Activities


Continuing Professional Development is an important part of your lifelong learning and making it interesting is part of the fun around creating and maintaining a good CPD portfolio.

Ensure that you participate in varying learning activities which help you maintain your interest. This also demonstrate to your employer and your governing body that you are able to vary your learning styles and vary your activities in order to widen your knowledge and ability to direct your learning in order to meet your individual learning requirements. Using this APP will help you better manage your CPD and become a more organised professional practitioner.

  • Discussions with colleagues
  • Coaching/teaching from others
  • Learning from and reflecting on an experience
  • Learning something by doing
  • Being a rep (on a committee, panel etc)
  • Work shadowing/secondments/training
  • Supervising staff or students
  • Analysing significant events
  • Project work/management
  • Mentoring, being an examiner or tutor
  • Organising clubs or specialist groups
  • Giving presentations at conferences
  • Supervising research
  • Being promoted
  • Further education, attending seminars
  • Writing articles or papers
  • Reading publications/articles
  • Updating knowledge online or on TV


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