Does the APP need Internet Access?

You do not need an internet connection to use the app to document a CPD Diary or Reflection.

The APP will require an active internet connection to submit the CPD Document to the CPDme Cloud for conversion/storage. 

However, the app will remember your work as long as you dont close the app completely.

You can minimise the APP and work on other APPs until your devise has access to the internet. Then the submission will automatically submit to the CPDme Storage Cloud.

Don't keep clicking SUBMIT if you have no access to the internet on your devise as this could result in multiple emails returned to you.

The APP can be minimised and opened whenever you need. This will retain all the information until you click Submit.

The APP also needs internet access for the FAQ Section, Contact Us and the CPD Activities and CPD Evidence Section.

If you are attaching large files to your submission, you may benefit from attaching these when you have WIFI connection. This will prevent your data being used on your mobile devise.


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