What can I do with my Thankyou Letters? How will I write about these in my CPD Portfolio?

Thank you letters are an important element of our Jobs as Health and Social Care Professionals, as it enforces that we are doing our jobs / role effectively.

Its also very good for moral to receive these commendations.

There is a section within the Online CPD Diary for Thank you Letters (as image)


A thank you letter probably wont directly improve your practice. But It will improve your moral and motivation as you have been recognised as an asset to the company or provided an commendable service to a service user. 

Things you could document about within the CPD Diary would be:

  • The way you felt when your attendance was recognised.
  • Why good attendance is productive for the company you are employed by.
  • What you did that made the Service User write in to your employer or organisation
  • How this may affect your future employment for example: Promotion, Career advance or acting up opportunities.


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