I have lots of evidence of CPD. How do I upload this to CPDme

You can upload CPD evidence in the format that suits you best, perhaps a uploaded PDF, certificate or PowerPoint presentation.

Historically, some health and social care workers used Patient Report Forms (PRF) / Real Case Studies as CPD evidence. We strongly recommend that you refrain from this practice. You can however use a copy of a anonymised PRF / case study / Portfolio copy and use this to complete a reflective practice submission.

Simply ensure you safely and securely delete/shred the document using your employers guidelines for confidential information disposal.

Please find attached a screenshot of the Upload section on the CPDme Development Diary Form (CPDme website)



Evidence you can upload may include:

  • Information leaflets
  • Work issued update documents
  • Course certificates
  • Critical literature reviews
  • Adapted user / student notes
  • Policy or position statements
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Discussion documents
  • Letters from service users, carers, students or colleagues
  • Procedural documents
  • Job applications
  • Testimonies
  • Appraisal Reports
  • Reports (eg on project work, clinical audit, reviews of activity)
  • Protocols
  • Contributions to work of a professional body
  • Guidance materials (eg for service users, colleagues or students)
  • Clinical audit tools
  • Clinical guidelines
  • Course assignments
  • Action plans
  • Course programme documents
  • Articles produced for publication
  • Questionnaires
  • Research papers/proposals / funding applications / ethical approval applications
  • Induction materials for new members of staff
  • Learning contracts

For more information about Evidence or Activities. Visit the CPDme Members Section Please Join this discussion and explain what evidence you use and share this with the social media links.

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