How much does it cost to use CPDme

The cost to use CPDme depends on the membership type you choose. We have four membership groups:
  • HCPC registrants & allied roles  - £9.99 per year 
  • NMC registrants & allied roles - £9.99 per year 
  • Standard - £9.99 per year 
  • Basic - FREE
Membership for the first three groups is only £9.99 per year and for the fourth group (basic) it is FREE.  The renewal is not automated, but we will email you a renewal reminder, you will be required to make a one off payment every 12 month. Visit the register section for more details.

CPDme will not automatically bill you each year. What we will do is send a series of 4 emails to prompt the renewal of your membership. CPDme invest all the money from memberships and advertising straight back into the business to help benefit our members and followers at conferences and development events.
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